Firearms Requalification classes are for security guards that already have the BSIS Exposed Firearms Permit. To renew a firearms permit, permit holders will need to complete four (4) range qualifications as follows: Two (2) range qualifications during each 12-month period of the current permit's two-year term with no two (2) range qualifications completed closer than four (4) months apart. Generally, range qualifications are completed about six (6) months apart. Failing to adhere to the required range qualification schedule will result in the permit holder being ineligible for renewal and the need to apply for a new initial firearms permit.

Our BSIS Exposed Firearms Permit Requalification Classes are scheduled every month at the San Leandro Rifle & Pistol Range. The class, which includes the required review training course in the use of force and de-escalation of force, and range qualification, is approximately 3-4 hours in length. In accordance with the standards established by the BSIS, participants must qualify with a minimum score of 80 percent on a course of fire prescribed by the Bureau. During the fourth Firearms Range Qualification, students must also pass, with a minimum score of 85 percent or more, the Bureau-approved written examination.

The cost of the class includes the opportunity to qualify at the range with ONE firearm. For an additional fee of $40 per caliber, participants can also qualify with additional calibers if they already have more than one caliber listed on their current firearms permitPartcipants may bring their own firearm to the range. Participant's that don't own a firearm have the opportunity to qualify with ONE of LPG's loaner firearms at no additional fee (only the following calibers are available for use: 9 mm, .40, .45, or .38)

Participants are responsible for purchasing their own ammunition (50 rounds, per caliber). Ammunition can also be purchased at a gun store or sporting goods stores, such as Big 5 or Dick's. Hearing and eye protection can be borrowed from LPG at no additional cost. 

Firearms permit holders cannot add additional calibers to a current Firearms Permit at a BSIS Exposed Firearms Requalification Class. To add a caliber to an existing Firearms Permit, Permit Holders must complete the two day, 16 hour, BSIS Exposed Firearms Class again. 

The firearms range training and qualification will take place at the San Leandro Rifle & Pistol Range (3001 Davis Street, San Leandro)

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Price $125.00